Sand dunes, Stream and Sunset in Muine

A Must see in Muine Muine is 6 hours away from the busy Ho Chi Minh city. It is famous for its sand dunes. Who would have thought that Vietnam has a desert place? After the long bus journey, and the driver who keeps on beeping. I and my friend arrived in Muine. We checked in at our hotel and avail the red and white sand dunes and the sunset tour. The hotels in Muine can arrange the tours on your behalf. We ate our lunch and took a nap. Around 2PM in the afternoon, we set off for the … Continue reading Sand dunes, Stream and Sunset in Muine

Halong Bay

Vietnam will never run out of UNESCO Heritage Site one of those is Halong Bay, and just recently received the New Seven Wonders Award. With feathers on her cap, Halong Bay is one of the sites to be ticked on your bucket list. Halong Bay is located in Gulf of Tonkin in Quang Ninh province a 3-hour drive from Hanoi. Halong Bay spanned in 43,400 hectares, including the 1600 islands and islets, Most of the island is inhabited and untouched by human activities. Some islands are endowed with beautiful beaches. The colossal pillars of karts mountains that protrude from the … Continue reading Halong Bay