Sand dunes, Stream and Sunset in Muine

A Must see in Muine

Muine is 6 hours away from the busy Ho Chi Minh city. It is famous for its sand dunes. Who would have thought that Vietnam has a desert place? After the long bus journey, and the driver who keeps on beeping. I and my friend arrived in Muine. We checked in at our hotel and avail the red and white sand dunes and the sunset tour.

The hotels in Muine can arrange the tours on your behalf. We ate our lunch and took a nap. Around 2PM in the afternoon, we set off for the tour.

Fairy Stream

The fairy stream, yes, you heard it. The story has it that this place was a place of the fairies. We were greeted by the stunning landscape. It looks like a small grand canyon. You can walk on the stream on foot and while the impressive rock formations hover the stream.

White Sand Dunes

This sand dune is locally known as Bang Trang or White Lake. The sand dune is next to a lake, this could be the reason how she got the name. The white sand dunes is an extensive area. Some parts have pine trees, which looks like an oasis in the middle of a desert.

I rode an ATV, the ATV ride is not included in the tour. I paid 250,000 VND for the ride. The ride was bumpy and dusty. Make sure bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust at the same time the sunlight. It is also advisable to put sunblock as the sun is unforgiving. We reached one of the hills and I need to trek to other hills. It is windy in that place, I can feel the sand stuck on my legs and arms. After few minutes, I went down to the meeting point, where an ATV will bring me down.





Red Sand Dunes

The Red Sand Dunes occupy a vast barren land, it covers the entire landscapes. The view reminds you of the Arabian Desert minus the camels. This sand dune is very accessible as it is next to the main road. The moment I get off from the car, we were greeted with kids selling sand sledding for 1 USD. I went up to one of the hills. Upon reaching the top, the view was great, the red sand dunes and its hills create a photogenic view.  The downside of this area is very crowded. A lot of people are coming to witness the sunset. The sunset in Red Sand Dunes is a spectacular one.


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