A Mini Guide in Hoi-an

Hoi-an is a fishing village, located in the Quang Nam province. It was a trading port hundred years ago. As a result, the place has a fusion of Chinese, Japanese and French influence in the town.

The local has preserved the stunning beauty of the UNESCO ancient town that is built alongside the tranquil Thu Bon River.

At night time the Old town turns magical as the glittering lanterns that are hanging beside the road, that give light to the old colonial buildings. The restaurants, shops, and bar are occupying the old colonial building while maintaining its glory. Wandering the narrow streets gives you a lot of photo opportunities and a great backdrop for your adventures.

Things not to miss

Get lost in the ancient town of Hoi-an. The ancient town looks like a chess board, you can explore the town on foot. You need a ticket to enter the Old Town (120, 000 Dong), one ticket includes multiple entries to other interesting attractions; Chinese Assembly hall, Hoi-an’s historic houses ( a lot of them) Japanese Bridge, and Buddhist temples.

After the day walking tour, it is recommended to come back in the evening. The Old Town transformed into an enchanting and romantic place. The streets are illuminated by the colourful lanterns that are hanging along the road. Walking along the illuminated lanterns, it seems that you are traveling back in time.

Meandering the River

A riverside is a romantic place at night time. You can buy a floating lantern, lit the candle and let it flow on the river. The river is filled with floating lantern at night time.

Try the food

Hoi-an is a gastronomic hub, it offers a wide array of delectable dish. Hoi-an has rich culinary heritage, it is evident in the restaurant, cafes and food stalls.

Hoi-an lanterns

Lanterns are the icon of Hoi-an. They are everywhere, although it is a common sight. I keep on loving the colourful lanterns. Actually, I actually bought three as a souvenir.


Hoi-an never runs out of shops. They are mushrooming in the old town. Tailor suit is famous in this place. Many westerners bought a tailored suit, according to them, it is cheap but the quality is good and at par with the leading brand.


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